3 My five emails from America

First Email

Los Angeles, USA

Dear Sujatha;

My flight was on right time and I have just checked into my hotel in Los Angeles. My room is on 38th floor. There are still two more floors above this. While writing this email, I can see the entire downtown of LA, the beautiful landscape, the network of roads and speedy vehicle on it from the window. Even before taking a coffee, I started typing this email for you. I thought you must be getting worried. In my unconscious mind, I am waiting for a reminder for taking a cup of coffee from you. In a matter of just three months, since we got engaged, you became part of my routine life perfectly. Who says, premarital romantic fantasies are absent in the arranged marriages.

I know you are not so happy to postpone the date of our marriage for another three months. However, after consistent request to my delivery manager for last three years, I got this onsite opportunity now. I did not want to lose this opportunity. Moreover, I want to accumulate enough money, so that we could have the best honeymoon in Pukhet. I am desperately longing for that moment. Please take care of yourself. I am happy that now you can type without looking at the keyboard. Now we can chat without any hassle. Thus, I can save on the phone bills too. I will keep you posted.

Yours and only yours


P.S: Once when you were in my arms then you said that you wanted that moment to spread in your entire life. On the other occasion when you hugged me then I told you that I wanted to shrink my entire life in that moment itself. I said that both are same but you argued they are different. I did not get chance to argue with you on this. Do explain me in your next response..

Second Email

Detroit, USA

Dear Sujatha;

I just landed in Detroit. Flight was one hour late. After checking into my hotel, I immediately prepared a cup of coffee. Who will argue with you. I know you can sense from seven thousand miles, whether I have taken coffee or not. Now, I am sipping coffee while typing this email. I know, I should have been with you, at this physically and emotionally difficult time. As I have suggested while leaving, don't rely on these kits, go to clinic for proper check up. I know Rajath is too naughty to handle, he is now six years old. I know I have left you, when you need me most. But you know, how long we can pay this huge rent to the landlords. With this US trip we can pay the down payment for our apartment. You should be happy, when I will return back to India, we would be on the verge of growing from three to four in our own dream house.

It is bliss to stay with elders. You are modern and educated. I know you love me more than you hate the arguments of my illiterate mother. Reveal the news to her politely. She will love you more than what she is doing now. I will tell her to take you to clinic.

Please take care of yourself.

Yours and only yours,


P.S: I enjoyed being a father of a naughty son. Please pray for me so that I can become a proud father of a daughter too.
Third Email

San Jose, California, USA

Dear Sujatha;

I have just landed in San Jose and switched on my blackberry to read your email. You have written that Rajath drank bear last night that too at home. This is very sad. At this age of fifteen years, I never went outside even for playing cricket without taking permission from my father. It is an impasse for me that he argued with you for this. However, the time is changing very fast. Teenagers are difficult to handle. Now in India also you cannot punish them. Please handle him politely. After all he is our only son.

I am very hopeful for Lavanya. Though she is very naughty but she is so obedient. What you can expect from this little creature of eight years. I know you must be missing me a lot. But we need money. After two years Rajath will go to college. We need to pay heavy fees. Onsite is the only way we can put him in good college. Moreover, I promised you to upgrade our Maruthi Swift to Honda City. I have earned so much, however, I could not fulfill this wish of yours so far.

Off late, I noticed you have lost your weight a lot. Don't forget to take juice and fresh fruits in your breakfast. I know you would have scolded me for not taking coffee. Sorry dear, after reaching my hotel I will take it.

Yours and only yours


PS: Hey, I will save enough money this time and as promised we will go to Pukhet again to have another honeymoon. How can I forget the best moment of my life during our last visit to this city!!
Fourth Email

Denver, Colarado, USA

Dear Sujatha,

I have just landed in Denver, Colarado, the city where your favorite actress Madhuri Dixit is settled down. I have heard even on wheel chair, see looks very beautiful. I know you would have scolded me for not taking coffee. But this diabetes puts a permanent full stop on your arguments.
I was going through your emails. You have written that you are missing me especially in night. I am missing you always. I am tired of this corporate world. I am working as a vice president for last five years. I know, I can not grow further. Moreover, I am physically and emotionally drained out. I want to spend the retired life with you in a small town of India. I don't like this cheese burger anymore. No dice of this world is as tasty as your chawal and daal.

I liked the way you started preparing evening snacks for the security guard of our apartment. Keep doing it. It will give you peace of mind. You have written that Rajath never come to meet you even being in same city. You have also written that his wife avoid talking to you even on phone. Don't worry. I will return very soon. All children are like this only. Our immediate future is in our control.  We can solve all problems of the world by staying together. But I am afraid of our older days. Have a good relationship with our children. Otherwise we might have to live old age home. My worst fear is whether we will have to live separately with our two children. No, I cannot live separately, in isolation. There is nothing wrong in keeping our children happy.

And hey, do cook two meals a day. Don't store in fridge. I know you must be skipping your dinner. It is not good for your health.

Yours and only Yours,


PS: I was kidding. You are still more beautiful than Madhuri Dixit.

Fifth Email

Brooklyn, New York, USA

Dear Rajath;

I hope your business must be flourishing. I feel proud of you not only because you are doing well in your business, but also because you get publicity in media. Whenever, I see your interview I am overwhelmed. Weather of Brooklyn is really cool. I am enjoying the company of the children of your only sister Lavanya. They are naughty but very sweet.

I know you have to deal with your mother, who never tried to update herself. World has changed a lot, she did not. I believe she must be arguing with your wife. She is like this only. In my entire life, this lady always kept troubling me. It is me, who maintained the relationship.

I know her eyes were too weak to read emails. You have written that due to her hearing problem she cannot receive phone calls also.

However, I am proud of you for taking care of this argumentative lady. My dear son, forgive her. She is from a small town and never tried to learn anything. I would have scolded her, if I happen to be there. But at this age of 78, I cannot travel. I am just counting my days now. Please forgive her, after all she is your mother.

Yours proud papa;


PS: Your mother promised me long time ago that she wish to leave this world before me. In the meantime, if she die, please fulfill her last wish. Put a spoon of gangajal in her mouth in my name.
Motivated and inspired by the work of Prof Harimohan Jha, written 80 years ago, when there was no emails.


  1. Pathetic....

    what the hell the writer is trying to show? I am really annoyed with the last letter, will we be like this in our old days? If it is the case, then god save us....

  2. Critically...true face of life .. personally very painful .... in short will be liked and disliked to the extremes ... but definitely unique piece of write-up..

  3. Dear Visitor, following point should be noted:

    1. In a sad ending story, authors are not supposed to show mercy on the character. If readers feel pity on the character, it means effort of the author is successful.
    2. Moral of the story is "Money is too bad" it can ruin the best moments of life.
    3. As an author of this blog... and as an independent observer of the society, I still believe there are many more Sujatha and Anand around us.
    4. Literature is the reflection of our society, therefore Anand and Sujatha are part of this story.

    Dr. Padmanabh Mishra


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