5 Chetan Bhagat and Gulzaar... what a combination

When we go through a book, when we read a poetry, when we see a nice painting or scripture or when we see a cartoon, deep inside our mind, we get a pleasure which is not available otherwise. Pleasure of satisfaction after reading poetry is different from pleasure of listening a lovable song. The author of a book, a poet, a painter and a cartoonist all of them are artists.
Overwhelmed by the numbers of fans of Chetan Bhagat on various social networking sites, I started reading his book. He is a different author. He claims that he writes for masses. I assumed he must be a good narrator. But I got disappointed after reading his book, two states. I read another book. I have the same experience.
Science is a logical thing. One can learn science. Art is a god gifted skill. If it is not so, then everyone would have become painter, cartoonist or a poet. Writing a book is not documenting a sequence of events. An author is supposed to write non-obvious thing. Thus those non-obvious things are known as “contribution of an author”. Read the books of Chetan Bhagat and try to find non-obvious things. I did not find anything as such. Either it is my personal inability to find non obvious things in his writings or he does not know it.
My above mentioned believes become stronger with two incidences and this is why I am writing this blog. In first incidence, Chetan Bhagat said, “So what if I write for the masses? So did Shakespeare. He was probably the Ekta Kapoor of his time.’’ There was no one to make arguments with him. In the second incident, however, cart was put before the horse. Here, in a television show Chetan was introducing Gulzar the legendry author, lyrics and thinker who is also known for his straightforwardness. He said that he liked the later’s Kazrare… song. Gulzar reacted, and challenged him to explain the meaning of the song. Intelligent Chetan decided not to confront with him. Dumbfounded with the reality, he estimated his position and decided to stay silent. I thought he is collecting his energy to bounce back which he never did.
I remember year 1989, when Tendular started playing. He hit 28 runs in a single over of Abdul Kadir with three sixes, two fours and a two runs and became a hero overnight. Subsequently he went to play Sarjah cup. He was coming for batting at 7th down. He used to get 15-20 balls and was scoring 20-30 runs. The cricket fans were happy to see him punishing Waqar Unus and Washim Akaram. End of day India lost in the final, thanks to Aqib Jawed for his brilliant seven wicket hauls. Everyone were pointing towards the batsman and hence Tendulkar. Sunil Gawaskar challenged Tendular, “Players cannot be termed as a batsman by merely hitting fours and sixes. He needs to stay on the pitch, when needed”.
Subsequently, what happened is now a legendry story of Sachin Tendular. He stayed on the pitch to anyone’s and everyone’s expectation. Like Gawaskar, now Gulzar also challenged “Chetan Bhagat”. It is good that he had not confronted with the Oscar winner lyricist. However he needs to prove himself. He needs to prove, he is an author who writes non-obvious things. He needs to prove he is an artist beyond “an intelligent mechanical engineer who can document the sequence of events”.


  1. we indians hav 2inheritable properties..1.we can criticise anyone
    2. We are master in pulling legs
    ..jst to say writer here is keepin legacy alive...only author who has made writting so simple n interestin cnt b a fluke,...i hv read a few novels bt no one cud satisfy me lik chetan...hats off to u chetan...
    Deepak sharma
    mbbs stdnt

  2. Deepak,
    I was also among those who were cheering when Tendulkar was hiting boundries. I was also hurted when Gawaskar critisized him. Read my other blog on "two states" review. I have written I am awarding him 10 out of 10 as a script of a movie not as an "athor of a novel".

  3. I have read his novel. He is indeed not a fluke. But yayavay is right in mentioning that he has to prove himself beyond an intelligent mechanical engineer. Story is not just a sequence of events. He has to add some spice, something new, something original.

    And yayawar, human beings have limited capacities and imagination. One should not put anyone on agni-pariksha all the time.

    He will survive or fade away with time, depending on his capacities.

  4. Anonymous12:15 PM

    I agree with Gulzar.

  5. Chetan bhagat a good author..r u kidding, the only thing NY times could figure out was that he was highest selling Indian in India, the reason why he is popular in india is because indians are still ignorant abt guys like Burroughs, Wallace, G Orwell, Salinger and many more basterds who were geniuses when it came to writing, or for that matter homegrown pearls like Manto, Premchand etc.. Mr Bhagat's books aint worth a shit.


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