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Kumar Padmanabh (Mishra) was born in a village called Banainia in Supaul district of Bihar and grown up in a town in UP called Gorakhpur. Then he kept relocating to the different parts of the country continuously for his career.  He loves writing short essays, short stories, and commentaries on the issues that affect his life and the life of all of those who hold him fast. So far, he has published more than thirty-five short stories in different literary magazines and he wrote two books. He is a vivid blogger and so far he has written more than three hundred non-technical articles on his blog describing the different facets of life.

He loves traveling and most of the story of his fiction are conceived while interacting with different people. Fortunately, his profession also provided him the opportunities to travel extensively through many countries and to interact with people of many cultures. This empowered him to see a trivial event from the global eyes. He has been involved in casual writing since his school-days without any ambition of reaching to any particular audience. In 2005 he started reaching to the readers formally through his short stories.

As a computer scientist in the research labs of a global engineering giant, he earns his livelihood by embedding physical senses into the senseless objects (he works in Sensor Network).  He has 23 patents to his credit. The world recognizes his expertise of putting sense in senseless objects to enlist his name in Marquis World’s who is who and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, recognized his thought leadership to award him as top-3 innovator of India of year 2010. 

None of this would have been ever possible without a degree of PhD in electronics engineering from IIT Kharagpur and an Executive Management degree from IIM, Bangalore. He describes, "creative writing" as his first love. 

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