1 On a fine wednesday evening

Wednesdays have been most promising day in my corporate life. While hangover of “full formals” days still remains there, hope of coming weekends always keep luring me. Prepared for untimely yet highly desirable thunderstorm and rain, I boarded the bus. I was the last, in fact, to board. I tried looking for a convenient window seat, but settle my mind to the middle one seemingly vacant on the fourth three-seaters-row. The gentleman on the window seat and lady on aisle helped me to get in.

I did not need to wait even for a minute for bus to start. The moment, the bus climbed on the elevated highway, everyone joined their business. People started talking on their phone. The man on extreme left on the window seat of the two-seaters started bashing his junior colleague. It was appearing that someone from the team had disturbed his predicted deadline putting his project management skill at stake. The man on the aisle seat of the same two-seater, junior in age, hierarchy and physical size was terribly scared. I am not sure, whether he was from the same team too.

After sometime the lady adjacent to me got a call. The first thing she asked in bangla, with the trust that I would not understand (probably she saw my name on ID card), “did papa came?”. Later on, I come to know, with my three years long romance with this language in kharagpur that she was talking to her son and pissed out on her husband for the ever pending work.

My neighbor on right hand side called his room/flat partner and found that their cook took casual leave without a notice. He was happy to have lavish dinner outside. But what I got from their conversation, his room partner was not willing to eat outside, most commonly reason for an eligible bachelor, for the sake of premarital blues.

I have heard from my immediate behind, a girl was talking to her mom about her prospective groom. She was somewhere from MP, insisting her mom to pick only handful bio data so that she can meet them in her forthcoming tour. Her enthusiastic voice lowered down, I noticed, when she started talking to her father. I have heard her saying to her father that she did trust on them and she need not to go to her hometown for this petty reason. I noticed, her father was insisting to meet her prospective grooms in that life centric decision.

These are not simple bus rides. I object to the opinion of those who do not want phone to be used in the buses. You can see a mini prospering ever young India in Infosys buses.

As it happens most often, I got excited by the different phone calls of my co-passengers and called my wife. She took time to pick up the phone. I said, “I am coming”.

“So what?”, She said wondering.

I realized, my wife was not in Infosys bus, I immediately came to the point and said to her, “Oh! Get the tea ready”. She kept mum for a while, thinking whether I am talking “nonsense” or she is “missing” something. On the other hand, I thought, phone is not the only medium; I will explain her in leisure about the mini India traveling in Infosys buses.

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