0 The recession is really over

The recession is really over. Did you not notice the chaos on the hosur road? especially on Bommanhalli junction. You have “all the rights” to argue with me about the validity of this statement. What is the relationship between hosur road and recession?

When I came to Bangalore in mid 2006, market was at its peak. Sensex was roaring to cross 20,000 landmark. Every IT company targeted to hire 25000 employees in that financial year. The rent and property cost was at its all time high. The rent of one bed room, hall and kitchen was at least Rs 6000 a month. The landlords were increasing rent of their existing tenants at the rate of more than 10% a year. The financial results of our own company were beating all street guidelines. Our company distributed crores of rupees among the employees in addition to good variable components of the salary upon crossing two billion landmark (I believe I am not disclosing my company secrets, I read this news in media). There were all signs of the flourishing economy seemingly visible to even common man in Bangalore.

However, at the same time, it was taking at least “one hour” to reach silk board junction from Infosys bus stand. Buses were crawling on the roads. Pedestrian were faster than any motorized vehicle. The decibel level of the entire hosur road was breaking all records with all kinds of shrill horns of different vehicles.
I am staying near silk board. Yesterday, I boarded 06:15PM bus and reach home only at 07:05PM. I saw the same chaos on the road, “the one” I used to observe in mid 2006. Decibel level was the same. Only addition to the infrastructure was the elevated expressway. I felt, I returned back to the history, the time of 2006, when I used to sleep at least for an hour in bus.

I have seen the recession and its effects very closely. I also kept observing my commuting time. I felt commuting time on hosur road is directly proportional to financial health of the IT company in electronic city of Bangalore. My commuting time increases or decreases on tune of the IT business. During the recession, I was able to commute to my home merely in 20 minutes.

Now since the commuting time is one hour, I can tell with confidence that recession is over. I don’t need to give any logical reason for it. There are so many thing correlated but yet not explained logically. I feel good to know that recession is over. But, yesterday, I failed convincing the same to my wife. Yesterday, as usual she was waiting for me to join her on evening tea. As usual, I gave her a miss call when the bus started. However, one hour was too long for her to wait for me. I could not turn up at the expected time even with added grace period. It ends up in arguments. Actually, I don’t have a problem. Problem is with her. She is not able to correlate the commuting time with the recession.

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