0 Trojan Men: An orchestra band without any musical instrument

I am lagging behind my blog schedule. I have so many experiences which I cannot afford to miss putting them on this blog.

Our company had established a research center in University of southern California (USC). I was part of the team Aurora who were in Los Angeles for a technology road show, an annual program of this research center. Most of the customers of my company are from North America and we were supposed to demonstrate them our capabilities in cutting edge technologies. This was a two days event fully packed with technologies. USC hosted a banquet at end of first day. Professor in charge from USC side promised us to give us the pleasant surprise during the banquet.

We were wondering what would be the pleasant surprise. The banquet was started with as usual banquet speech from the dean. I was not enjoying at all, as banquet menu was too western to stimulate my taste buds. The dean’s speech was very good. He explained how, when western people were struggling for civilized society, few saints were busy doing research in mathematics and astronomy in the jungle of india. He emphasized the matric system, importance of zero, ayurveda and yoga, the invention from India without which, the world would not have come this far.

As I started taking interest in the speech, a group of young men entered the banquet hall. They were exactly ten in numbers. All of them were in the age group of 18 to 22 years. They were in formal black suits with matching tie. Speech was over. The group has taken their place on the dais. They were facing the wall and so we were not able to see their face. All of these happened in such a small amount of time that we hardly noticed what happened in haste.

Very next moment those guys were facing the audience with the bang of music without actually having any instrument at all. Each one of them was creating tone of an individual music instrument. One of them was twisting his tongue to create drum like sounds, one of them was creating musical notes of violin in best possible way and other were producing the guitar like music. Coordination among the group members was wonderful and beyond imagination. The overall effect was like a full fledged orchestra.

I learnt later on that this group is known as Trojan men in USC. They had performed in white house. All of them were in the age group of 18 to 22 years. They are typically undergraduate students. The graduating students recruit their own replacement from the freshers.

Indian culture is rich. Generally, I am not amused by western culture. However, I am votary of all kinds of innovations. The innovation done by this Trojan men is incredible. I am wondering why Bollywood is not able to notice it. I am longing for the time when Annu Mallik will announce the musical album based on the same theme. See the embedded video.

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