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This is regarding the recent arrest and then release of cartoonist Aseem Trivedi and I have really a valid point here. An unknown man still in his college files a case against a not-so-known cartoonist. The unknown cartoonist became a national hero overnight. The law student who filed case became media cherubs. This ensures his further career of practicing law would definitely flourish. The emotional state of mind of Indian Youth filled with overwhelming patriotism resulted in bizarre TRP and attention of media was converged to the issue of "freedom of speech". Since those cartoons were displayed long time ago (at least more than a month), police arrested him yesterday when coal gate issue was at its peak and all of sudden now, police is no more interested in this cartoonist: I have a valid point to suspect whether this drama was arranged by congress to divert attention of public from the coal gate…?? Nothing is impossible! after all, everyone is in win-win situation: the cartoonist, the law student who complained, the media and of course the congress.

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