0 An inimitable saga of Chicken

Long time ago, there was also a time when human being were living on this earth without “Chicken”. There was no chicken-shops in the corners of the dusty alleys of crowded neighborhoods. The men walking-with-black-polythene-hiding–meat-in-it were not sighted. Though the humanity was divided into two clearly distinguishable sections- vegetarian and non-vegetarian, however differences were not evident. Vegetarian vs non-vegetarian was a seldom topic of debate in the schools and colleges, in the offices and public places.

Millions mile above the ground the fraternity of God was utterly disappointed. They could see all kinds of sins on the earth. They could observe the chaos created by human being. While they could see one section of human being calling themselves as “rich” having lavish lifestyle; there was also another section of human being dying of starvation.

In a bizarre flaunting of displeasure, Vishnu, the God responsible for well being of all creatures, organized a procession against Brahma who was responsible for creating a creature called “human”. The fraternity of Gods was particularly showing their anguish against Brahma for giving so much “brain”, definitely out of proportion to human being. They were debating among themselves that it was the brains of human being responsible for all sins. It was not only harming the humanity at large by instilling anger, jealousy, frustration, competition, in-proportionate desire, and self-induced-dishonesty but it was also posing danger to other species.

During the procession, all Gods were unanimously chanting a slogan against Brahma to reduce intellect in the human being by downsizing its brain. However, human being was a lovely and most precious creation for Brahma. Creation of human being took most of his time and he was not ready to pay heed to the procession. He had the opinion that Vishnu was not using the resources properly and therefore there were chaos everywhere in maintaining the well being on the earth. Seeing his project management skill at stake, Vishnu agreed to maintain the status quo of human’s brain till any conclusion. Finally he resorted to debate with Brahma on the issue.

The arguments and dialogues continued for several weeks in the court of Brahma but nothing was concluded. Brahma was very firm on his decision of any kind of alteration of human brains and kept challenging the project management skill of Vishnu to maintain peace and harmony on the earth. Vishnu was helpless as he could not foresee any solution with existing resources and hence kept lobbying against Brahma.

It was Narad, the semi God, who suggested an ultimate solution. He suggested to create such an interesting toy for human being which could keep all of them with itself and peace so that peace and harmony could be restored on the earth. Brahma agreed. However, he had to take care of extreme diversities among riches and poor. Moreover, he had already invested all raw materials in already existing 8399999 creatures. He did not have any brain related material remaining at all. He had countable furs, a slump of flesh, few ugly feathers and two heavy bones left over in his stock.

Brahma applied all sorts of creativity but nothing was coming out. No creatures could be created out those leftover materials because heavy bones were against the principle of flying hence any kinds of birds were ruled out at the outset itself. Two small legs were also not appropriate for walking long distance. So any kinds of mammals were not possible also.

In an absolute state of uncertainties, he created a bird and gave it a skill of walking on the ground like other mammals. He ordered his creative architect to build it in such a way that when someone would chase it would first try to run fast and only then try to fly, however neither of them would work and finally it would get trapped. Since chicken had the partial attributes of “birds” flying in sky and partial quality of “mammals” walking on the ground, architect was confused to whether produce it from an egg or produce it from the womb. He enquired with the Brahma. Brahma suggested him to produce it from egg.

 It took a while for him to realize that there is another big problem waiting for him. He was not sure whether to produce first “egg” which will automatically produce a “chicken” or first chicken which will later reproduce eggs. It took some time for him realize it and to enquire with Brahma about this final question, however by that time Brahma was already went into his eternal meditation and fraternity of Gods were already withdrawn their protest. Anyway the creature was created and was named as “chicken”.

Since then chicken has never been a topic of debates in the parliament of any country between left and right political wings.  Great chicken curry has been exciting the test buds of riches and poors indifferently. Since then small shops could be sighted in the corners of dusty alleys of every neighborhoods. It keeps giving opportunities to vegetarian and non-vegetarian to promote their respective school of thoughts. Since then human being are engaged in debating on these two schools of thoughts.

However, it left one question unanswered that was asked by creative architect of Brahma- “Which is first: The Chicken or the Egg?”.  

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